Unseely, the home of artist Louise Jeffrey

Inspired by the Beauty of Earth, and the Natural World and everything in-between.

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Where my passion for art began…

As a young girl I would spend hours watching my wonderful and humorous Grandad painting landscapes. Amazed at how each stroke would build into a beautiful art piece. Although I studied art, I sadly did not pursue it further. However, when my beloved Grandad passed away, it ignited past memories and my passion for art began again. As a result, I created my own website, unseely.com to sell my art prints, which has also led to commissions to create artwork for books by authors, such as MJ Wayland and Miles Griffin.


My influences

Immersing myself in nature to spark creative ideas, studying the colours and textures within the landscape. I am lucky to be surrounded by rugged moors, rolling hills, dense forests and a dramatic coastline providing a lot of inspiration.


My interest in the many facets of the world, help keep my art fresh with new ideas. I never put myself into one category as I don’t want to be restricted on what I can create, which also means more choice for the customer!


Thank you for taking an interest and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

A white, light butterfly art print by artist Louise Jeffrey

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A square print of a heart moon and trees with subtle colours.

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