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If you’re interested in unique and captivating artwork for your own projects, I’m open for commissions.

Feel free to reach out

Miles Griffin

An exciting new project working with the up and coming author Miles Griffin. More details to follow…

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MJ Wayland

After many years exploring and researching the paranormal, MJ Wayland put his accumulated ghost stories into books. As a respected author renowned for his expertise MJ Wayland has become a notable figure in the field of paranormal research. His books, steeped in rich storytelling and meticulous research, offer readers an immersive journey into the enigmatic realms of ghosts and otherworldly phenomena.

As an artist, I’ve always embraced limitless creativity in my work, especially when it comes to exploring the eerie and mysterious facets of life. My passion extends to delving into folklore, the world of ghosts, and the unseen realms, where I discover endless inspiration.

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