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The presence of art can have a profound effect on a space and the people who occupy it, eliciting a range of emotions. It can serve various purposes, such as creating a central point of focus, introducing colour and texture, conveying mood, and showcasing individual style. Thus, regardless of one’s level of experience in collecting art, it is worth exploring the idea of adding quality art prints to their living space to experience firsthand the transformative power of art.

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A stunning abstract flower print, with hues of orange, yellow, green and a blue/green background hand-drawn by artist, Unseely
Art Print of a White House on a green hill with a white heart as the sun in the sky. The words, Home is where we feel, loved, warm and fuzzy are written on the artwork. The artwork has lovely soft green tones.
Unusual art print in a monotone style. A cute folklore style creature sat next to a mushroom with the words 'You on see the mushroom'

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There is a strong correlation between nature and art. For centuries, artists have drawn inspiration from the natural world, discovering beauty and significance in its various elements. In reciprocation, art can generate emotions and establish links between individuals and the environment.

Numerous artists over the years have endeavoured to immortalise the allure of nature through their art. Landscape painters, in particular, have been fascinated by the environment and have produced breathtaking masterpieces that illustrate the magnificence and awe of the natural world. Impressionist artists, known for their representations of natural light and colour, often included landscapes and natural settings in their works.

In addition to being a source of inspiration for artists, nature has also been a subject of contemplation for philosophers and scientists.

The influence of art on our perceptions of nature cannot be underestimated. For instance, environmental art strives to go beyond the mere representation of the natural world by promoting awareness of environmental issues and strengthening the bond between humanity and nature.

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