Robins the Gardeners Best Friend

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Native to the northern hemisphere, with its distinctive red breast, the Robin is a familiar sight in gardens and woodland areas. The robin is known for its cheerful song, which it often begins at dawn.

Robins are known as the Gardeners Best Friend as they will eat the insects that can harm plants, such as aphids and grubs. As a result, many gardeners welcome robins into their gardens and provide them with food and shelter.

About Robin’s

In many parts of the world, the robin is considered a symbol of good luck and is often associated with the arrival of spring. The robin is one of the first birds to begin singing after the long, cold winter month.  A Robin’s cheerful song is seen as a sign that warmer weather is on the way.

The robin has also been featured in many works of literature and art. In English literature, often depicted as a loyal and faithful friend. In one well-known poem, the poet William Blake wrote about a robin sitting on a tree, singing to him, even in the dead of winter.

Despite its cheerful disposition, the robin is also known to be fiercely territorial. Male robins will often fight to defend their territory, and will fiercely attack any other males that enter. This territorial behaviour is thought to be related to the robin’s mating habits, as the male uses its territory to attract a mate.

The robin, red-breasted bird sings a cheerful song, In gardens and in the woods it sings all day long
A symbol of good luck and the arrival of spring, The robin is a friend to the gardener and king.
With its bright and cheerful song it lifts our spirits high, The robin, nature’s messenger brings hope to you and I.
Louise Jeffrey

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