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The Woman On The Moors
A Short Inspirational Story

Far away from the bustling cities and towns, lived a woman. She lived a solitary life deep in the heart of the moors.
The moors were a wild and untamed place, filled with heather, bracken and peat bogs. The woman loved nothing more than to wander, taking in the beauty of nature and feeling the wind on her face.

Despite her isolation, the woman was not lonely, she had found freedom from the negativity that plague so many in the world. Learning  to embrace positivity and find joy in the simple things in life. Her days were filled with the sights and sounds of the moors, the calls of the curlews and the skylarks, and the fluttering of butterflies.

The woman collected wildflowers, berries and herbs, which she used to make potions and remedies to heal the sick and injured animals she came across. The woman had a special bond with the creatures of the moors, and they knew they could trust her to help them. Often spending hours nursing an injured bird back to health or helping a lost sheep find its way back to its flock.

One mid afternoon, the woman came across a young boy, he had run away from a nearby mill, and was an orphan, escaping to the moors to seek freedom. As with all she encountered, she decided to heal and nurture the young boy, and she took him under her wing. The woman showed him how to find shelter and forage for food in the wild. The boy was amazed by the woman’s knowledge and her connection to nature, and he vowed to stay by her side and learn everything she had to teach him.

As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months, the woman and the boy became inseparable. They roamed the moors together, and the woman taught the boy everything she knew about the plants and animals. She showed him how to make potions and remedies, and taught him the secrets of the moors.

The boy grew to love the moors as much as the woman did, and he knew that he would never want to leave. He found a new home in the wild, and he had found a new family in the woman.

As the years passed, the boy grew into a man, and the woman grew old. But they never lost their love for the moors, and they never lost their connection to nature. They lived a simple life, surrounded by the beauty of the moors, and they were happy.

And as the woman lay on her deathbed, surrounded by the wildflowers and herbs she had collected over the years, she whispered a small rhyme:

My dying is not the end,

For nature and love will always transcend,

In the moors, my spirit will live on,

Forever a part of nature’s song.

And with that, she closed her eyes and passed into the next world. Her spirit did live on and the he would often see her wandering the moors, listening to the curlews.

He continued to honour her memory by living a life in harmony with nature.

Unseely x

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