Thistle May Bloom

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The Clansman Returns

My heritage inspired me to create the ‘Thistle May Bloom’ print, the image of a clansman returning from the Battle of Culloden, the end of the Jacobite Uprising of 1745. Watch a short 3 minute video I created to go with the print, watch on the Unseely Facebook page.

The Thistle May Bloom Art Print

Quality giclee affordable art print available to buy, in sizes 8×8, 12×12 inch square with custom sizes available.

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Scotland, Jacobite Culloden inspired art print by artist Louise Jeffrey
The Thistle May Bloom

After the battle of Culloden, the clans of Scotland were left devastated and in disarray. Many of their leaders had been killed in the fight, and those who survived were forced to flee and hide to avoid retribution from the English. The English government, under the rule of King George II, implemented strict laws that banned the wearing of traditional Scottish clothing, the playing of bagpipes, and the gathering of clans.

These measures were designed to suppress Scottish culture and identity, and many clans were forced to disband or go underground in order to avoid persecution. Those who continued to resist English rule were hunted down and punished severely, and many were forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in other parts of the world.

Despite these hardships, however, the spirit of the Scottish clans remained strong. Many continued to secretly practice their traditions and pass on their cultural heritage to future generations. Over time, the clans slowly began to re-emerge and reclaim their heritage, and today they continue to play an important role in Scottish culture and identity.

“Their dreams of freedom crushed and broken,
The Scots were forced to flee and hide,
But though the battle was lost and spoken,
Their spirit remained strong and undying.
For though the English may have won the fight,
The Scots will never give up their quest,
To win back their land and their right,
To live in freedom and be their own nation once again.”

L Jeffrey

After visiting Culloden in Scotland for the second time in my life, it awakened my thoughts about my ancestry and Scottish past. This is another reason why I was inspired to draw, ‘The Thistle May Bloom‘ Art print. I feel it captures a moment in time and the unusual art style adds to the historic nature and feel of the piece.

My Scottish ancestry is always popping up to the surface and another example of this is the monochrome art print called, ‘The Spirit Of Scotland