Which Season Do You Love?

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Which Season Do You Love?

I would rather draw or paint on colder days, sat in my warm fluffy jumper with my thick socks and a roaring fire, okay, a radiator but I can dream! The heat from a hot drink warming my hands as I sit and imagine my next project.

On hot sunny days, the heat from my computer making me even hotter. Glare and brightness filling in from the windows, making my computer screen seem dull even on the highest brightness. The joys of trying to sit somewhere to draw without the glare from the sun, hitting your eyes as if trying to attract your attention.

There are highlights though:-

The sheer curtain gently swaying with the calming breeze, the bird song filling the room and the cool drinks, slowly cooling me.

All in all the best seasons for me are Autumn and Spring, but when it’s Autumn and Spring, I long for summer – confused I am.

Whatever the weather, adjust, breath, chill out and accept that things are never perfect unless we see them perfectly!

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