Wildflower Art

Inspirational wild flowers

There is nothing more beautiful than a wildflower, whether in a large leafy meadow or a small sprig adding a splash of colour.

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Wildflower Art Prints

A selection of wildflower meadow art prints by artist Louise Jeffrey. Hand-drawn and inspired by the beauty of the North York moors.

“Bloom where you’re planted, even if it’s in the wild”

The Beauty Of Wild Flowers

I cannot go outdoors without looking for wildflowers, they make anywhere look beautiful, even if they are surrounded by concrete. Their flowers in so many different shapes and colours are stunning. It’s funny to think as a young girl I never really studied a flower in any great detail. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t really properly looked at a flower to do so. You will see an amazing, intricate, design that just opens your heart to what real natural beauty is.

Unlike cultivated flowers, wildflowers grow freely, untamed and in their natural habitat. Wild!

Including a flower print in your home adds a delicate elegance, reminding us every day of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

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Walking In The Wild

Without a doubt the most beautiful is wildflower meadows, I have seen a few stunning ones that have literally taken my breath away. The colours, the shapes, the intertwining, all fighting for space and light is amazing.

I live on the edge of the North York moors and I am surrounded by wildflowers, and  when I go to towns and cities I still search for those little lone flowers surviving against all odds in the little bit of soil in between concrete slabs.

Within my home I have a few wildflower prints, and they just lift a room, brightening and giving a wall texture.

Please take a look at my hand-drawn flower art prints, and maybe you will find your next art print for that special spot in your home.